Chongqing “Created in China” the World’s Leading Internet of Things Multi-color Temperature Prevent Fog and Haze LED Artificial Intelligent Street Lamp and Smart City “Cloud Platform” Intelligent Lighting Management System

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    50 years ago, the United States General Electric Company created the world’s first red LED, since that the LED’s history opened.The national high and new technology enterprise and LED intelligent control technology engineering research center of Chongqing green science and technology development (group) Co., Ltd used the proprietary intellectual property rights invented the patent technology which was called internet of things multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED street lamp, tunnel light intelligent management system (ZL201520493805.4) ”(abbreviation:the technology) in seven years ago. The technology has been proven that is “created in China”the world’s leading intelligent manufacturing technology in the field of LED intelligent street lamp, through the “science and technology report” (report number: J201508016831). 

     The series of “internet of things multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED artificial intelligent street lamp” products and the “smart city ‘cloud platform’ intelligent lighting management system” are the integration of the two disciplines of industrial development of scientific research. The technology mainly includes LSSP radio frequency integrated circuit packaging technology, intelligent adjusts of color temperature and brightness integrated circuit packaging of LSTGS, the power amplifier integrated circuit packaging of LSXGF, intelligent control system hardware manufacturing, software development and application, remote upgrade and mobile APP remote control technology and so on. The technology is the disruptive technology innovation in the history of the world’s street lamp application and manufacturing, filling the gap in city street lamp of multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze artificial intelligent LED comfort and safety lighting. Be artificial intelligence technology of Chinese strategic emerging industries smart city .Belongs to the world emerging sectors of strategic importance, small city construction technology, It meets the requirements of nationalstrategy of innovation-driven developmentandsupply-side structural reform,it will certainly to replace of ordinary monochromatic LED street lamp backward manufacturing technique in the field of the world’s street lamp lighting.

     All three products as multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED artificial intelligent street lamp,tunnel lamp, intelligent lighting management system has been assessed the high-tech products in Chongqing in 2017. Has been included in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements project of small and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing in 2015(Chongqing small corporates [2015] No.188), guidance directory that the key to encourage procurement of products in Chongqing (2016 edition), Internet + pilot demonstration project in Chongqing in 2016, Guidance project of technological innovation in Chongqing in 2016, Chongqing social enterprise and people’s livelihood guarantee science and technology innovation special project in 2017, 10 application cases of Chongqing Internet of things in 2017. Won the first prize of 2017 ICAN international innovation and entrepreneurship competition China finals and 2017 Chongqing  information construction demonstration enterprises. Obtained the first of “reduced haze innovation technology award” throughout the country LED in 2015, “the top 30 of LED technical innovation awards”  in the fourth.

     In addition to function of traditional commulication control system such as the power carrier, Zigbee, RS485 as the ordinary LED intelligent street lamps, The technology has the following advantages:

(1)Artificial intelligence system according to the human eye pupil at different temperatures, the seasonal environment of the different needs of light color temperature, through the "self-learning" than the temperature and humidity and other environmental data,adjusting the light colorful temperature to the most comfortable condition (3500 - 5500K warm white light to white light), to solve the problem of the comfortable demand of urban street lighting.

(2)In bad weather such as rain, fog, smog, snow, sandstorms, through the PM2.5, temperature, humidity, rain and other sensors,  intelligent refine adjust the light of full intelligent street lights to yellow (3000K) after artificial intelligence system through the "self-learning" than the temperature and humidity and other environmental data. Using the characteristics of best diffractivity, high intensity of scattering, long radiated wave in yellow light, make the lights more visible, solve the driving safety problem effectively.

(3)Using the two-primary-color light source to illuminate,the chromatogram is more abundant and the light is softer.

(4)In the case that the illumination uniformity is constant, according to the change of night and day, intelligent adjust the brightness of tunnel lighting, ensuring driving safety, realizing the “tunnel night” second (or many times) energy saving and other functions, effectively solve the tunnel lighting for electricity saving closed control loop interval or turn off the light way caused by illumination dark space, exist the problem of traffic safety hidden trouble.

(5)A multi-colored temperature LED full intelligent street lamp can be used as many ordinary monochromatic LED street lamps, higher cost-efficiency, extending the service life of street lamps more than doubled.

(6)The technology has 1-12 hours safety lighting in express circumstance.

(7)Using sensors to capture  lighting data intelligently,the technology provides public service information such as the value of lighting brightness,the value of color temperature,the uniformity of lighting and ambient temperature,humidity,PM2.5 and so on to the community from time to time,through the LED color display platform of “ smart city”.

(8)The technology utilize the intelligent terminal to achieve Wifi full coverage to provide pedestrians with the convenience of communication.

(9)The“smart city ‘cloud platform’ intelligent lighting management system”uses communication technology of internet with out nodes and the limitation of quantity.

(10)The technology can not only collects the information of anti-theft alarm and so on,but also alarms automatically.

     In September 2013, with the support of the Chongqing municipal people’s government, our company applied of the technology in Yuanjiagang lawn under tunnel, Eling tunnel in Yuzhong district and Chenjiaping under tunnel in Jiulongpo district in Chongqing. Through the engineering field test in Yuanjiagang lawn under tunnel by the Chongqing administration of lighting and relevant departments, compared with the corresponding to replace the original sodium lamp, energy-saving rate of 70.14%. The product in use after two years of time, the Chongqing municipal metering quality inspection institute in accordance with the “CJJ45-2006 city road lighting design standard ”and “GB/T5700-2008 ‘ illumination measurement method ’” for testing, the result was conform to the standard and the various technical indicators were better than ordinary monochromatic LED street lamp.

     The technology has successful application in more than hundreds of engineering,such as across the board toll stations, service areas and Tieshanping, Huashan, Huangcaoshan, Tongxinzhai, Miaobao tunnels in Chongqing Yufu G50 freeway; the whole line of toll stations and service areas in Chongqing Yurong G5013 freeway; Qingmuguan tunnel in Yusui freeway; Caiyuan road, Longjiawan, Huangshaxi, Eling, Yuanjiagang lawn tunnels in Yuzhong district;Shixin road, Shipingqiao tunnel,Chenjiaping tunnel in Jiulongpo district; Caiyuanzhachang road, Fenglin road, Efeng branch road in Na’nan distract; Yongchuan new city;Yingbin road in Fengdu county; Hanyu road under tunnel in Shapingba district; Whole urban in Yunyang, Dongshun road in Nanchong city of Sichuan province ;the whole city of Helan County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region etc. that have obtained good social and economic benefits.

     The mainly hardware of “smart city” “cloud platform” intelligent lighting management system is including the “intelligent centralized controller” “intelligent terminal prevent fog and haze, brightness adjustable controller” “multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze, brightness intelligent remote regulating  LED artificial intelligent street lamp”, etc. Includes time, preset, automatic remote control and other control mode. On the basis of ordinary monochromatic LED street lamp, using the Internet, 4G mobile communication, wireless communication technology, remote wireless intelligent control system, by the server for centralized controller issued a command, centralized controller logarithmic kilometers inside each terminal controller to interconnect each other, to achieve every single light color temperature, brightness remote setting, prevent fog and haze, remote monitoring and alarm, etc. At the same time, it can collect the datas such as PM 2.5, temperature, humidity, voltage, current, traffic, anti-theft image and video automatically, provide this public data information for meteorology, traffic, security and other departments and have smart car charging and electricity billing capabilities.

     Internet of things multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED artificial intelligent street lamp built-in intelligent terminal controller. After intelligent terminal controller accept centralized controller command, constantly adjusts the LED light source working current, has realized many functions such as precise remote regulated the colorful temperature and brightness and according to the desired lighting effect, etc. The chromatogram of the multi-colored temperature is richer than the normal monochromatic temperature light source, the light is softer and more comfortable.

     The product have been reported by several media reports since the public. For example, “Innovation-driven development”:The ‘Chongqing made’intelligent color-lamp have reached the international advanced level from Chongqing TV “network news Program”. “ ‘Chongqing made’ prevent fog and haze LED street lamp have acquired support from domestic and foreign markets” of Chongqingdaily. “Chongqing enterprise researched and developmented the ‘chameleon’ LED street lamp”. “Did you’ve seen the ‘chameleon’ LED street lamp”, etc. “Created in china” soft light of The World street lights multi-colored temperature, remote setting brightness LED street lamp and tunnel lamp fromChina website. Hundreds of websites including the people's government of Chongqing municipality were reprinted. 

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